Haiku for month #9

September is here
My skin is crispy, crackly
Rain would be super

we are thirsty


No, really. I’m making a pledge this time.

Well, poetry month is upon us again. Last year at this time I said I was going to periodically spout off a haiku or two for, hopefully, your entertainment. A year later, I have only written the one I started with. Therefore, I make a pledge. At least one poem a month. Maybe biweekly?!? Can a girl with sketchy internet reception and days full of farm chores stick to such a schedule? We’re going to find out. Everyone needs goals.

I even have another one, to up the ante. The Oh My Africa, or OMA for short. (Like OMG, but Africanized.  Clever, huh?) Funny, ridiculous, and entertaining things from around the continent. I’ll try to focus on Namibia, but sometimes other countries do really funny stuff.

So, this year’s inaugural haiku:

It is still raining

Even though it is April

Please stay forever

Look for the first ever OMA – coming soon!  OMG, so exciting!


Praising poetry

April is (Inter)National Poetry Writing Month, and though I considered participating in the 30 days- 30 poems challenge, I realized that probably wasn’t feasible nor the best use of my time, being that I’m not a poet.

Instead, to honor the great thing that is a poem, I decided to sprinkle a Haiku, maybe even a limerick if I’m feeling jaunty, from time to time throughout these electronic pages.

And so it begins:

Namibia is

a big land with lots of sand

the giraffes like it