Do not be afraid of your tent

Business took us to the coastal town of Swakopmund this past weekend. It’s one of Namibia’s largest towns and the touristiest.  Restaurants, boutiques, and hotels abound. So, people cannot understand why Jay and I would prefer to sleep on the beach. It’s all a matter of perspective, really. Here’s my top 5 reasons why the beach is best:

1. Sand in your pants.

The sand in your food and water is just a bonus digestion aid but you also get a healthy dose in your pants. Do not be irritated, be honest. Your buttocks could use a good exfoliation.

2. Learning about nature.

Decomposing seals offer a unique biology lesson for people of all ages.

3. Repurposing.

Help yourself by helping pick up trash.  Here’s a purely hypothetical example: the wind shelter you assemble for your fire out of abandoned building scraps comes in handy later when your stomach rejects your seafood lunch.

4. Intimate time with your loved ones.

The beach can get pretty cold at night.  A small tent gives a great opportunity to snuggle with blankets and partners.  And the dog, smack in the middle, realizes a lifelong dream.

5. Better for folks at home.

Sure, camping on the beach may be illegal but following the rules does not lend to exciting stories for your family and friends back home. Think of them the next time you travel.