Links and Resources

Here’s a collection of websites I use or have found with information regarding stuff on this blog.  It’ll be updated as I discover more.


The Namibian – Namibia’s predominate English-language newspaper

Learn Afrikaans online– If you need (or want) to learn Afrikaans, this is the best online tool I have found.  Also offers, or is developing, other African languages.

Marietha Bouwer Agencies – Highly recommended for expats in need of visas.  They don’t work miracles, but they at least let you know what’s possible and then go get it for you.

Environmental Information Service –  The self proclaimed “one-stop-shop” for environmental information in Namibia.  Quite remarkable what they’ve gathered so far – ranges from tourism to climate to fish.

Sustainable and dryland farming

Organic Africa – A website with useful info covering organic farming, non-toxic pest and disease management, animal husbandry and more.

Soil and water conservation booklet – A great guide with pictures and descriptions of how to harvest and retain rainwater.  A bit wordy at the beginning, the good stuff’s at the end.

The man who farms water – The story of the Zimbabwean water farmer, the guy who inspired me, and many others, to give it a go.

10 Reasons… – good article from UC-Berkeley folks on why GMOs are not the answer to feeding the world.  (I like #10!)


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