Life goes on

Sometimes life makes plans for you which are in complete contradiction to the plans you made for you.  For me, it’s more than sometimes, it’s almost always.  Like I told my mom the other day, I learned that I can steer my boat in the approximate direction I’d like to go, but ultimately, life’s river is going to take me where it wants to, so I just go with the flow.  There’s no point in resisting, you can’t change the direction of a river. Unless you’re Chicago.

That’s the way it was with Namibia.  It was never on my agenda (1. move out of mom’s house, 2. find job, 3. graduate from college, 4. live on cattle farm in Namibia.  Um, no.)  But the river brought me here and I tried to make the best of it, even when it got downright absurd, which was often.  Starting this blog back in 2011 was a way for me to get the stories out of me and into the world.  Kind of like therapy.

In the years since then, I slowly found a niche, found projects to fill the days and work I felt made a difference.  Again, not stuff I’d ever planned on doing, just stuff that the time and place called for.

And today that stuff has brought me to another unexpected endeavor – grad school, with my research based on a side project I started here on the farm back in 2009.

Weird how things work out.

So, my boat floats on to new adventures and the energy I devoted to this blog is now needed elsewhere.  Many thanks to everyone who supported it and me along the way.

I can swim with the scorpions now.  And with a smile.



5 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. We wish you the best! You’ve followed your dreams and had a life changing experience, something the standard American couldn’t imagine. You no longer take things for granted — when I turn on the tap I will have water — I can drive to the store and buy whatever I want/need — wild animals are in zoos and can be viewed safely behind an enclosure — etc etc. You are now more sefl-sufficient than you probably ever imagined. Keep in touch blogwise! You haven’t mentioned your significant other but we assume that you are leaving Namibia for grad school in the USA. Best to both of you. Sincerely, Pam and Neil Davidson

    • Thank you, Davidsons! I agree, I’ve learned a whole heap about life, the world, and myself. I’m in fact staying in Namibia, with Jay on the farm, and will be doing the masters program online. African life is not yet over for me! Thanks for your support and all the best to you two as well.

  2. Hi again,
    We’d corresponded with you about our impending trip to Namibia in late 2012, 2013. Unfortunately, we could not stop to see you as I”d hoped. Driving over 2500 miles in Namibia and a bit into Botswana and Zimbabwe took a lot of energy and time but sure glad we did it by ourselves. I’d return to Namibia by ourselves in a heart beat if there were not too many other places to see and I just turned 69 AND we did not live in Calif. If we lived in Europe we’d be in Africa someplace each year. Mind blowing place IMO.

    Good luck as you travel the journey known as LIFE. I can assure you AFRICA will never leave you until the day you die. For better or worse You are stuck! It’s in our genes at the deepest level.

    Regards, Neil Davidson

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