Oh My Africa – May 2014

This month’s OMA is brought to you by our one and only neighbor to the south.

I just recently discovered this comic strip but, apparently, it’s pretty popular down there, possibly even the most popular South African comic strip, despite the fact that its premise is a black woman (Eve) working as a maid in a white woman’s house (Madam).  The website claims they “have become icons of a changing South Africa”.  I don’t understand…

Anyway, here’s a recent one in honor of President Jacob Zuma’s re-election.  As far as I know, Zuma has no musical inclinations – it’s supposed to be a metaphor.

This might have something to do with the claims that the national South African television broadcaster, SABC, banned campaign ads from parties competing against the ANC (Zuma’s party), or ads that spoke negatively of them.

Just a guess.


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