Let’s compromise

This series of posts may periodically be updated as I think of more things to compromise on.  Please, visitors, add yours at the bottom.  I’m sure you could find one from your own life.


Good:  Coming home to cats lounging in the sun beams.

Bad:  Coming home to a present from the cats, a headless mouse which has actually been hiding there behind the chair for three days and is starting to smell and collect bugs and/or maggots.

Compromise:  Fewer mice = fewer cobras/puff adders/zebra snakes = safer cats and happy me.


Good:  The dog likes to keep me company when I work on the computer.

Bad:  The dog has periods of toxic gas emissions that smell like a foot died inside a carton of milk that you forgot about in the trunk of your car last summer.

Compromise:  If I happen to be having a day of gas emissions myself and don’t want to take the blame….



Good:  No mosquitoes.

Bad:  No moisture in my skin to the point it may just dry up and fall off.

Compromise:  I can use the fancy skin lotion that normally just sits in the cabinet and which, with its sweet smell, probably would attract more mosquitoes to me.  Oh, no wait, everything attracts mosquitoes to me.


Good:  I get to learn foreign languages.  Although, just one would have been ok.

Bad:  I get laughed at a lot.

Compromise:  I get to learn humility, patience, and sign language.


Good:  When a wildlife conservation organization and a cattle ranch can be neighbors.

Bad:  When a cheetah released from the organization preys on the neighbor’s calves.

Compromise:  That’s the million Namibian dollar question.

This is my cow. I named her Cow. I managed to bring her back to health when she was much smaller after she was attacked by a cheetah. Most calves do not survive. This year, 2 years later, she’s going to be a mom!

1 thought on “Let’s compromise

  1. Shelly, I’ve read this before. I laughed all over again this time. This is such a Shelly story and writing. You truly have your own style. It’s just wonderful. Thank you.

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